Yunnan Baiyao Powder 雲南白藥粉, 1 ct

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  • Yunnan Baiyao powder helps stop bleeding while ensuring proper circulation of blood. May be used internally or applied directly onto wounds to stop bleeding and accelerate healing.
  • Yunnan Baiyao disperses blood stasis, activates blood circulation, and thus supports a normal homeostasis of blood clotting.
  • Safe for usage in dogs and horses


Contents & Ingredients

  • 4g bottle
  • Radix Notoginseng, Ajuga Forrestii Diels, Rhizoma Dioscoreae, Rhizoma Dioscoreae Nipponicae, Herba Geranii & Herba Erodii, Dioscoreae Parviflora Ting, Herba Inulae Cappae



  • For topical use:  spread powder sparingly over the affected area for immediate results
  • For oral use: mix powder with warm water and drink as directed
  • Adult – take/use 0.25 g – 0.5 g each time up to 4 times daily
  • Each bottle is accompanied with a small red pill, called Bao Xian Zi, or commonly known as the “safety pill.” This pill should be taken in severe trauma cases and is said to prevent a person from going into shock.



Do not take Yunnan Baiyao if you are allergic to it.
If conditions do not improve or even get worsen after 3 days, discontinue it.
Not suitable for people with severe irregular heartbeat.
For best results, avoid consuming fish, beef, lamb, beans, and cold food at the same time.
Keep out of touch of children. Not for use during pregnancy.

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