Wang Lao Ji Herbal Tea 王老吉涼茶, 4 oz.



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Wong Lo Kat herbal tea is a traditional Chinese herbal drink that is cooling and detoxifying. It is a mix of around ten Chinese herbal roots and leaves, fruits.


  • Ilex asprella Champ
  • Morus alba L. (White Mulberry)
  • Cratoxylon ligustrinum (Spach)
  • Helicteres Angustifolia L.
  • Microcos paniculata L.
  • Ficus microcarpa L.
  • Rosa laevigata Michx (Cherokee Rose)
  • Polygonum chinese L.
  • Lophatherum gracile Brongn
  • Oroxylum indicum (L.) vent (Sonapatha)
  • Desmodium styracifolium Merr
  • Selaginella tamariscina Spring
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