UBB Melatonin B6, 100 Tablets


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A Natural, Safe Way to Form Better Sleeping Patterns


  • The Melatonin+B6 tablet contains 3 mg of Melatonin and 3 mg of Vitamin B6 per tablet to enhance absorption.
  • The pineal hormone Melatonin is an effective free radical scavenger and oxygen quencher. More important, Melatonin is one of the few antioxidants that can enter into the mitochondria, the cells power plant. The hormone is secreted in a circadian rhythm by enzymes which are activated by darkness and depressed by light. Darkness stimulates the pineal gland and causes it to produce more melatonin; daylight stops your production of melatonin. Taking Melatonin just before going to bed helps to promote normal sleep patterns and better overall health.
  • Vitamin B6 will help to support your body’s natural production of this hormone; moreover, Vitamin B6 is essential for melatonin production and it plays an important role in the chemistry of the brain and nervous system functions.


  • Take two (2) tablets one hour before bedtime. Do not take while operating machinery or driving.


  • UBB® MELATONIN +B6 supplementation can help to restore the melatonin we need for a restful, natural sleep. UBB® MELATONIN +B6 can prevent insomnia from mild sleep disorders due to stress, anxiety, and relieve jet lag. UBB® MELATONIN +B6 is essential for nervous system functions.


Melatonin6 mg
Vitamin B66 mg
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