Triple Leaf Tea Peppermint, 20 Tea Bags



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Triple Leaf Brand  Peppermint Tea – Herbal Blend is a quality tea made from a delicious blend of natural peppermint the added benefits of other herbs. Peppermint is combined with Chinese mint, white mulberry and licorice for a uniquely delicious flavor. This tea has a natural, fresh and refreshing taste with a  mild aroma of peppermint. Naturally caffeine free, Triple Leaf Brand Peppermint Tea- Herbal Blend is smooth and rich. This soothing herb tea is delicious hot or cold. To complement this Peppermint Tea- Herbal Blend and support its effect, drink it together with our Triple Leaf Brand Chrysanthemum Tea with Ginseng.

Ingredients:  Chinese mint leaf, Peppermint leaf, White mulberry leaf, Chrysanthemum flower, Licorice root

Net Contents:  20 Tea Bags

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