Triple Leaf Tea Dieter’s Green Tea 瘦身茶


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The herbs in this popular Chinese tea have been used traditionally to help support the body’s process of cleansing.* This tea’s traditional Chinese name comes from the green-colored herbs in the formula.* Senna is an herbal stimulant laxative used to promote bowel movements.* White mulberry leaf was used to help tonify the liver.* Persimmon leaf was used to harmonize the stomach chi (energy).* Decaffeinated green tea adds a smooth taste. Follow the advice of your doctor, including their recommendations for a balanced healthy diet, fiber and regular exercise.* Be sure to eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, juices and pure water, according to your doctor’s advice.*

Ingredients:  Senna leaf, Dandelion leaf, Persimmon leaf, Naturally decaffeinated green tea

Net Contents:  20 Tea Bags

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