Triple Leaf Tea Bitter Melon Tea, 20 Tea Bags



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Triple Leaf Brand Bitter melon Green Tea is formulated with quality herbal ingredients to produce a delicious and beneficial herbal beverage. Bitter melon, called “kugazi” in China, is a common food item in Asia, South America and the the Middle East. Blended with superior green, mountain-grown tea leaves and selected premium Chinese herbs, this Triple Leaf Brand Bitter melon Green Tea can b ea welcome change or substitution for coffee. It provides a gently invigorating life to the spirits. This is a light and refreshing tea that is delicious both hot and cold. To complement this Bitter melon Green Tea and support its effect, drink it together with our Triple Leaf Brand Corn Silk Herbal Tea, Eucommia Leaf Herbal Tea and/or Chrysanthemum Tea with Ginseng.

Ingredients:  Bitter melon herb, Solomon’s seal rhizome, Guava leaf, Licorice root, Green tea leaf

Net Weight:  20 Tea Bags

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