Percent Ashitaba Tea Bag, 2.5g x 40 bags 明日葉茶包


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Percent Ashitaba tea bags are made with Hachi Jo Island, Japan naturally grown, pesticide-free Ashitaba through exclusively patented roasting technique. This 100% natural product contains no preservatives or chemical additives and is caffeine free. One tea bag(2.5g) can make approximately 20-30 oz of hot or cold Ashitaba Tea. Do not remove the tea bag until finished. It has no side effects and is suitable for all ages.

Directions: Put one 2.5g tea bag into a thermos, pour in 600~800cc of hot water. Wait 5 minutes for the taste and nutrients to absorb and sink into the water. Keep the teabag in the water until you are done.

Important Announcement: Our Percent Ashitaba Tea Bags has been tested and proved is a safe food – free of industrial chemical Melamine.

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