Yu Lam Anmien Pien 孔雀牌安眠片, 180 ct.


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Anmien Pien is a natural Chinese herbal supplement that supports good sleep, and can help to provide you with more daily energy. This product also helps to support brain health and function, as well as helping to keep your liver, gall bladder and nervous system healthy.

Anmien Pien is a popular Chinese herbal supplement that can help you promote healthy sleeping patterns and relaxation. It contains licorice root, which has been found over time to have many beneficial uses for good health. For example, licorice root is thought can support sleeplessness and fatigue, and generally support good health. It also is believed to be helpful for supporting good liver function.

Polygala root was first used by Daoist monks as a natural calming herb. Some believe that it helps to support relaxation, to calm the emotions and to help with sleep.

Jujube seed is believed to be very helpful in supporting chronic stress, tension, and poor sleep. Chinese herbalists have long turned to this herb for its relaxation support and its low toxicity.


  • Jujube Seed
  • Polygala Root
  • Gardenia Hoelen Seed
  • Licorice Root
  • FD&C Red No.3

How to Use

Take four tablets after each meal (three times per day).

Product of China

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