Lan Zhou Foci Jin Kui Shen Qi Wan 蘭卅佛慈金匱腎气丸, 200 pills

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Jin Kui Shen Qi Wan, from Lan Zhou Foci, is a trusted natural herbal supplement that supports the health of your knees, arms, legs, lungs, kidneys, and loins.


Jin Kui Shen Qi Wan contains typhonium root, which is from the typhonium giganteum plant species that is native to China. It has been used in herbal traditions in China for hundreds of years to support the health of the spleen, liver, kidneys and stomach.

This herbal supplement also contains tree peony bark which is helpful to support good circulation of the blood, and also is thought to help with common cramping and pain from menstruation. This bark also has strong antioxidant properties and can help to protect your immune system. Some herbalists also believe that this herb helps to keep the arms, legs and loins strong.


Cinnamon Bark, Typhonium Root, Prepared Rehmannia Root, Asiatic Dogwood Ripe Fleshy Fruit, Tree Peony Bark, Chinese Yam Rhizome, Polyporus Sclerotium, Asian Water Plantain Tuber.

How to Use

Take eight pills, three times daily.

Product of China

Not to be used during pregnancy.

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