Lan Zhou Foci Jie Geng Wan 蘭卅佛慈桔梗丸, 200 Pills

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Lan Zhou Foci – Jie Geng Wan is a popular supplement of natural herbs that supports the health of your throat and bronchial passages. It is effective to support the upper respiratory system and sinuses.


This natural herbal supplement contains balloon flower root, which is a native plant of areas including Japan, China and South Korea. The name of the flower comes from the appearance of its flower buds, which tend to swell up like a balloon before they pop open eventually. These plants grow to be about three-feet tall. The root of the balloon flower has been used by Chinese herbalists for centuries to help with the throat, lungs and upper respiratory system.

Balloon flower root is often used today in China to support the body as during cold and flu season. It also is believed to have beneficial properties that can help support the respiratory system. Some herbalists in China also have used this root to help with the circulatory system. Balloon flower root also is used in South Korea and China to season salads. It is soaked thoroughly in water before it is cooked.


Balloon-flower Root

How to Use

Take eight pills, three times per day.

Product of China

Not recommended in cases of bloody sputum and tuberculosis.

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