Lan Zhou Foci Er Chen Wan 蘭卅佛慈二陳丸, 200 Pills

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Er Chen Wan is a trusted herbal supplement that supports the health of key areas of the body including the chest, respiratory tract, throat and the gastrointestinal system.


This product contains tangerine peel, which is effective for many conditions. For example, it is believed to be useful for people who suffer from indigestion and other digestive problems. It is also thought to have the ability to support healthy cholesterol, and the peels are found to have 20 times as many antioxidants as many types of juice.

This product also contains ginger rhizome. It can help to stimulate your digestive glands and can increase appetite and improve digestion. Ginger rhizome is thought to issue mucous membrane terangsangnya entrails that are beneficial to the digestive system. This herb also can help to support healthy blood, so it can support good cardiovascular and circulatory health. Of course, ginger is renowned for helping to treat an upset stomach. It is very effective on many types of motion sickness and helps to neutralize the effects of free radicals in the body. Also, it is believed to support good blood pressure in many users.


Tangerine Peel, Pinellia Tuber, Polyporus Sclerotium, Chinese Licorice Root and Rhizome, Ginger Rhizome.

How to Use

Take 12 to 16 pills, three times daily.

Product of China

Not to be used during pregnancy or while nursing.
Not for long term use or in excess of recommended amounts except under supervision of a qualified health practitioner.
Not recommended in cases of bleeding or blood disorders, spitting up blood, coughs, frequent copious urination, severe kidney insufficiency, diabetes, hypertension, liver disorders, or hypokalemia

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