Great Wall Brand Feng Shih Hsiao Tung Wan 長城牌風濕消痛丸, 120 ct.



Feng Shih Hsiao Tung Wan is made from the highest quality natural herbs found in Asia. This natural supplement provides support for the health of your joints, muscles and nervous system.


This natural supplement contains glorybower leaf. This root from the woodlands and sunny parts of China has been shown to help support the joints. The leaves of this herb also can help to relax your muscles and help you fall asleep at night.

This supplement also has siegesbeckia, which is a very helpful herb for supporting the nervous system; it provides support for the health of tendons and bones.

Active Ingredients
Glorybower Leaf, Siegesbeckia Herb.

Inactive Ingredients
Cornstarch and Water.

How to Use

Take 10 pills with boiled water that has cooled to room temperature or rice wine, twice per day, usually in morning and evening.

Product of China


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