Golden Leaf Kang Wei Ling 金葉牌亢維靈, 150 Pills


Golden Leaf Kang Wei Ling provides support for the male reproductive organs. It helps to maintain healthy reproductive function.


This product contains oriental ginseng root. It is believed that ginseng can provide a boost to reproductive function in men. Specifically, it is believed that ginseng can provide support to overall reproductive strength. Men in China have been using this herb for centuries to improve their reproductive organs.

This product also contains epimedium herb; men in China use this herb to improve reproductive function. Epimedium herb is thought to boost blood flow to the reproductive organs.

Active Ingredients
Oriental Ginseng Root, Epimedium Herb, White Peony Root, Dong-quai Root, and Chinese Licorice Root and Stem.

Inactive Ingredients
Honey and Water

How to Use

We recommend that you take 15 pills, twice per day – before breakfast and at bedtime.

Product of Hong Kong

Not to be used during pregnancy, while nursing, for prolonged periods, or in excess of recommended amounts.

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