G-Plex 痛風逸 (60 Caps) + Tart Cherry 櫻青蘇 (60 Caps)


Purines are natural substances that are found in all of the body’s cells and in almost all foods. When cells die off, or when food is consumed, purines get broken down to aid in the proper functioning of our body chemistry. However, if the metabolism of these purines is disrupted, by, for example, an extremely high-purine diet, various health problems may occur.

Gout, a form of arthritis, is mainly caused by high levels of uric acid, which accumulate in joint areas and causes swelling and pain. Kidney and Liver disease are common co-existing conditions that contribute to Gout. Several drugs, steroids, and antibiotics typically prescribed to treat kidney and liver damage, as well as gout symptoms, must typically be taken for life and may cause signifcant side efects.

G-Plex is an alternative, herbal solution that is specially formulated to aid in the metabolism of purines and uric acid levels.

G-Plex may help in the metabolism of purines to aid:

  • Proper immune system function
  • Normal blood circulation
  • Healthy liver and kidney function
  • Efficient metabolic process
  • Proper digestion

G-Plex MUST be taken in combination with Tart Cherry.

Tart Cherry can help regulate the effects of high uric acid levels by providing nutrients and phytochemicals, like anthocyanins, that have beneficial antioxidant properties.


G-Plex originally included Tart Cherry in its formula, due to its positive effect on uric acid levels. However, because it has a wide range of other benefits on overall health, Tart Cherry has been isolated into its own separate product to accompany our other products to help improve effectiveness.
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