Fu Fang Du Zhong Pian 貴卅复方杜仲片, 100 Pills



Cortex Eucommiae is a natural health supplement with the highest quality herbs from China. It is effective in supporting:

Healthy circulation
Good brain function
Visual equilibrium
Regular sleeping patterns


This product contains eucommia bark which comes from the eucommia, a type of rubber tree. It has been used for centuries to promote good circulation and brain function. Also, it is believed to help with back and joint pain, particularly in the knees and hips. Some Chinese herbalists think it also can help to support the health of bones, tendons and ligaments.

Active Ingredients
Euconmmia, Gambir Vine, Scute, Prunella and Suckle Flower.

Inactive Ingredients
Fd&c Yellow No. 5.

How to Use
Take five tablets per day, as needed.

Product of China

Keep out of the reach of children.

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