Butiao Tablets 100 ct. 補血調經片



Butiao Tablets are a natural alternative to help keep high energy levels during a woman’s menstrual cycle. This product is useful to support healthy, regular periods, and also can help with cramping relief during menstruation. Butiao Tablets have been used in Asia to help support a woman’s menstrual condition that causes discomfort. The ingredients in this herbal supplement can help to provide women support for a variety of menstrual conditions:

Temporarily alleviates cramping pain associated with menstruation
Supports healthy liver function to regulate blood flow during menstruation
Replaces nutrients that are lost during menstruation


Butiao Tablets contain the following:

Codonopsis Root
Cyperus Rhizome
Cassia Bark
Millettia Dielsiana Stem
Shepherd’s Purse Herb
Cang-zhu Atractylodes Rhizome
Cherokee Rose Mature Fruit
Mulberry Mistletoe Herb
Moghania Root
Chinese Licorice Root
Chinese Motherwort Herb
Rose Myrtle Fruit
Litsea Root and Rhizome
Lesser Galangal Rhizome
Chinese Mugwort Leaf
Whitebackleaf Mallotus Leaf
Hispid Fig Root

How to Use:  3 tablets, two or three times each day, taken for seven days every month. Do not use these pills if you have a cold or fever.

Manufactured by
Guangdong Yihetang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Product of
Guangdong, China

Do not take if pregnant or nursing.
Do not take in excess of recommended amounts or for extended periods or time. Individuals with a history of kidney stones or loose watery stools should use cautiously.
Not recommended in cases of excessive sweating, diabetes, hypertension, liver disorders, severe kidney insufficiency, and hypokalemia.

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