BRAND’S Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar 白蘭氏冰糖燕窩



BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar is the first bottled bird’s nest in the world, BRAND’S® started producing bottled bird’s nest since 1982 by fusing traditional method with advance technology to produce premium and high quality bird’s nest drink. BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar is made using 100% genuine bird’s nest brewed under hygienic processing conditions and verified by a unique Fingerprinting Technology Infrared (FTIR) recognition system. We go to great lengths to ensure our traditional formula contains no added preservatives or artificial flavoring.

  • Ideal for beauty seekers who wish to maintain skin radiance and attain good health
  • Help to cleanse lungs and regulate the respiratory system; ideal for those who are prone to having respiratory problems, cough and colds
  • Promote radiant skin and better complexion
  • Provide gentle cooling effect by reducing body “heat”

Ingredients:  Bird’s Nest, Rock Sugar

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