Ashitaba Percent 36 Energy Booster Cereal Powder 30g x 60 bags 明日葉代餐

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“Percent 36” is originated from the ancient eastern world. It is a natural, complete nutritional food product developed by doctors, nutritionists, and bio-pharmacists, while being manufactured using modern technology. Percent 36 is a selected ingredient chosen from hundreds of nutrients from plants and phytochemicals including grains, beans, flowers, fruits, vegetables, teas, and Ashitaba – the King of the Wild vegetables. It is the perfect combination of the essences of various plants. “Percent 36” additionally contains Active Lactic Acid Bacteria, Oligo, Immune Globulin, DHA and Lecithin. “Percent 36” provides complete and balanced nutrition to the whole body . No artificial color, flavor, or preservatives added. “Percent 36″ contains a high value of dietary fibers that are excellent for a healthy life. Slight sedimentation may occur in mixture.

Percent 36 Energy Booster” contains natural substances including Grains, Beans, Flowers, Vegetables, Fruits, Acidophilus Bifdus, Oligo, DHA, Immune Globulin, and Lecithin and Ashitaba – the king of wild vegetable. This low fat, high-fiber product manufactured by a freeze-dried atomized method is a complete, well-balanced vegetarian nutrition that dissolves instantly. Percent 36 Energy Booster is a daily nutritious food, a perfect combination of the essences from various plants and contains a high value of dietary fibers that are essential for healthy life. This product is great for snack or breakfast.

Directions: Mix one pack of “Percent 36” in a 200cc (7 oz.) glass of warm water and mix thoroughly. May mix with milk, juice or cocoa to suit your taste.

Important Announcement: Our Percent 36 Energy Booster has been tested and proved is a safe food – free of industrial chemical Melamine.

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